Saturday, December 27, 2008

I can't believe how big they are getting!

As it gets closer to Michael arriving (which is still a few months away) and birthdays coming up, I think about how much the girls have grown and changed. It's so hard to believe Shelby turns 5 in a few weeks.
Lyndsey just amazes me how tiny and quiet she was as a baby. Now, she's full of spunk and just a talkative, active, growing girl!
It makes me cry thinking about it. Anyways, I can't wait to see how Michael compliments these two. We have two ends of the spectrum (reserved and wild) so maybe he'll be somewhere in the middle- for my sanity anyways!


Christmas seemed more hectic this year even though we didn't go anywhere. Nothing went as planned but what does when you have young children and you're pregnant?! Two days before Christmas, Lyndsey (with Shelby watching beside her) decided to unwrap most of the gifts under the tree while Mommy was gone to Wal-mart. It's funny now, it wasn't so funny rewrapping them. We did our annual Christmas cookies and Christmas Eve service which went pretty much as planned. The Christmas lights...not so much. Don't get me wrong, the lights at BLORA are nice, but not 2 hours in the suburban with cranky children at 10pm nice. I vote next year we just drive around and look at lights- that way I can still watch Christmas Vacation which I didn't get to this year! After the lights, the girls and I came home and fed the reindeer with special food so they would find our house. It was funny how excited they were to do it!
Christmas day was hectic just because we had to get lunch ready early so Dane could go to bed since he is back on midnight shift again. The girls loved what Santa brought them. Everyone got lots of nice things again this year. Shelby raced through opening them and didn't even realize what all she had until later in the day. Lyndsey became overwhelmed by all of it, thankfully Aunt Heather was there to finish opening them for her! Our lunch was wonderful- my homemade enchiladas actually turned out very well. I was impressed with myself!

The day after Christmas, Dane's parents came in and we received more wonderful gifts. The abundance of new toys took a toll on Mommy. I couldn't fathom where it was all going to be put away but Nana and Aunt Heather helped fix the storage issues...for now.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Family Christmas Party at FBC

Last night was the Family Christmas Party at the church. The girls had a blast decorating their cookies and filling up on candy and such that Dane and I don't normally let them have. Shelby made her cookies by herself and she was so proud. Lyndsey did most by herself- she just needed help spreading the icing. Can you believe all the choices they had? And to think I had to take them home and put them to was not so much fun!:)
Shelby was so excited because her friend, Emma, was there too! Shelby and Emma are best buddies at Pre-K and dance class! We were glad she could come!
Oh, what a difference a year can make! Here is Lyndsey last year...

...and look at her now! What a cutie!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So I'm a little behind...

Between pregnancy and the holiday season being in full swing, I'm a little bit behind on blogging. So to update you...

We decorated the Christmas tree early this year. We took advantage of Aunt Heather being here the weekend before Thanksgiving and put it up.

We went to the Temple Christmas parade despite the cold weather. It was the first Christmas parade we had been to as a family. It was also Lyndsey's very first parade. They had a good time despite it running way past bedtime. Lyndsey's favorite part were the cheerleaders. Shelby's was the Kittens (THS's dance team). Go figure!

This was the girls favorite came in 2nd place but we thought it should have been 1st.

Dane donated an hour of his time ringing the bell and collecting donations for the Salvation Army. It was part of the community outreach at the police department. The girls and I walked around Walmart while we waited. My brain wasn't working well or I would have taken a picture.
That catches us up to now. The weather is finally cold and feels like Christmas time. We did Christmas card pictures today so be looking for cards soon!

Have a good rest of the week! Stay warm!