Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Am I going to be 5 tomorrow?

Shelby celebrated her milestone 5th birthday last week. It's still hard to believe that she is 5 years old...time goes so fast. We had cake and ice cream at the house on the 21st with Nana and Papa. Shelby opened her gifts from us. She was so excited to get her first softball glove and ball and new clothes (thanks to Nana and Papa). When she was going to bed that night, she said, "Momma, will I still be 5 tomorrow?" I told her, "Yes, you'll still be 5 it just won't be your birthday anymore." She smiled her relieved smile and said, "OK!" Her mind thinks about things all the time now so she catches me off guard quite often these days.

On Saturday, we had her "Hello Kitty/Ballerina Princess" party. The girls had so much fun! I even think some of the parents enjoyed it as much as the girls. I was disappointed at first that all the girls that RSVP'd didn't show up but once I saw the smiles and excitement the others had, I got over it. Shelby did pretty well being the center of attention. This was the first year she didn't cry when everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to her.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In the Home Stretch Now

We've made it to the third trimester!! YAY!
Here is a profile shot...he was trying to suck his thumb and that is a leg and foot over his head. He decided he only needed one side of my uterus during the ultrasound today making it difficult for the resident to get good measurements. She couldn't believe he had squished himself into that small of a space. Leave it to a Kantro kid to be difficult!

Michael is growing well, a little small but nothing significant like the girls were. He weighs in around 2 lbs. 10 oz. He was breech today but I'm not too worried. He moves around all the time so I don't doubt he'll wiggle himself head down by the time he needs to be. The more I see the ultrasound pictures, the more I can't wait to hold him in my arms! It's amazing how much love you can have for someone you haven't even seen yet. God is so good to bless us with this new life.

We have another ultrasound March 3rd to make sure everything is still going well. Dr. Huddlestin didn't seem too concerned today about his growth but I'm on medicine for my blood pressure so they have to take all the precautions which is okay with us. Pray with us that he comes around the right time...my OB is going to be out of the country and on vacation the 3 weeks prior to my due date. It makes me nervous not knowing what doctor I will have because I want someone who knows me and my history to take care of us when the time comes.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Playing Catch Up

I've been so busy I haven't had time to sit down and let my brain function enough to do this. So today I decided to catch everyone up.

We recently celebrated Pop's 85th birthday in San Angelo. The girls got to spend some time with him and cheer him up a little. The holidays are hard on him since Meme passed away last Christmas, so it brightened him up to see the girls. While we were there, the girls got to ride the 4 wheeler again. They rode around by the lake and saw lots of turkey and deer. They also enjoyed feeding the swans in the lake.
After that, it has been back to the daily grind of work and preschool. Shelby has homework 3 days a week at the age of 4. I can only imagine what it will be like when she's older!! Lyndsey has pretty much mastered the potty...she even poops on it which is miraculous to us since it took FOREVER for Shelby.

I go to the doctor every 2 weeks until March and then it's once a week until he arrives. My blood pressure has stayed pretty good so we haven't had to do all the tests and stuff yet. We have another ultrasound on Tuesday so I'll update everyone on how big Michael is getting. We are taking bets on how big he will be and when he will arrive if you would like to join in!!

Shelby's birthday is next week. I can't believe she's already turning 5. She's having her first kid party at Mrs. Lisa's with a Hello Kitty/dance theme. We couldn't find any invitations so she picked the paper and stickers and I made the invitations. It was time consuming but they turned out adorable! Not too bad for my first attempt without Heather's help!
That's all for now. I'll try to update a little better in the future!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

She finally did it!

Lyndsey finally decided to use the big girl potty! Yay!!! We have been working on this for about 8 months off and on because she is so stubborn (like her daddy). Shelby didn't take long to potty train (minus the pooping problem she occassionally still has).

Today, she wanted to wear panties and didn't fight with me when I asked her to go to the potty and try. She only had one accident but it wasn't her fault- I shut the door and she couldn't get in fast enough. Her daddy admitted that she's just like him and has to do things when she's ready and wants to not when someone else wants her to do it. Hopefully Michael won't inherit that because I don't think I can handle 3 Type-A personalities in one house- 2 is more than enough!

I guess we've started the new year on a good foot!! Have a good week!