Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
Shelby & Lyndsey

Friday, February 6, 2009

Celebrating Life

One year ago today, we had the biggest scare of our lives. I am still convinced to this day that God wasn't done with Dane and that's why he came out of the accident with relatively minor injuries. It could have been so much worse but we look past that and are grateful for each day we have together with our girls. We've learned a lot about ourselves and each other through it. Dane and I have grown closer through it all. Our love has grown stronger. Despite the challenges each day brings, I love every moment of every day whether it's a good day or bad day because we are all together. I have lots more to say about this but I'm already emotional enough and it makes me cry to think about how things could have been if it didn't turn out the way it did. I occassionally have flashbacks to that day and they scare me, so you won't normally hear me talk about it. But...

Today is a day to celebrate life and all it has in store for us now and in the future!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It Could Be Sooner than Expected

I went to the doctor yesterday for my 30 week appointment. Let's just say, it didn't go as smoothly as planned. Most of you know that preeclampsia seems to like to visit me in the third trimester, so it thought, " I can't leave this pregnancy out!" To make a long story short, I am dropping protein already so my doctor is starting the process of checking to make sure it doesn't become more of a problem. I am to call if anything strange begins to happen- more contractions, blurry vision, headaches, etc. I start non-stress tests (NST's) in two weeks. I'll do those once a week until he arrives. She didn't change my medicine which surprised me. We discussed the possibilities of him coming earlier. The week after Spring Break would be the earliest. I anticipated it but hoped I'd go longer so we didn't have to worry about daycare until next school year. So, it seems as though Baby Kantro #3 will be another March baby- at least it's after Lyndsey's birthday. We should know more after my next ultrasound on March 3rd. If he is still breech, that may create another concern as well as the fact my OB goes out of the country during the few weeks following Spring Break. It all seems a big mess right now! I have to keep telling myself that God has His plan and He is in control and will do what is necessary for all of us.

Please pray that I don't experience anymore symptoms or have to go on bedrest. I just want to make it to Spring Break- 5 1/2 more weeks. I don't know how my job will go if the worst scenario happens. I know I have temporary disability to cover 180 days but I don't want to stress out my already stressed out assistants.

I'll keep everyone posted. Have a good rest of the week!