Sunday, June 28, 2009

Spoiled Rotten

They have their daddy wrapped around their little fingers at an early age...

I wanted to get them a little splash pool because they had outgrown the blue plastic one so this is what Daddy ended up buying instead...the MegaFort!!! It has two slides, a splash pool, a volleyball net, a basketball hoop and two water cannons. We spent two hours playing with it this morning and it seemed like we were only out there for 30 minutes. I believe we have found our summer entertainment!

Shelby loves every part of she is going down the curvy slide

Lyndsey likes to splash around the pool she is going down the straight slide

And Mikey...he doesn't like any of it yet especially the cold here he is taking his morning nap beside the pool in the shade

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sea World '09

Our trip to Sea World this time was a lot different than 2 years ago! The girls were able to experience almost everything and definitely had an opinion on what they did and did not want to do. Despite Lyndsey's tantrums on day one, we managed to see everything we wanted to see and have all of day two to play in the Lost Lagoon. The girls loved the Lost Lagoon. They played in the wave pool, slid down the slides, and we did the Sky Tubin' ride as a family. We can't wait until Michael is big enough to go so he can tell us his favorite part. Sorry I don't have pictures from day two, but I didn't want to lug the camera around the waterpark.

Dane, Shelby, & Lyndsey feeding the dolphinsShelby showing Lyndsey the fish

Mommy & Lyndsey waiting for Believe to start

Daddy & Shelby waiting for Believe to start

Lyndsey calmed down enough to enjoy Viva! (I think it's secretly geared to 3 year olds- Shelby loved it last time we came)
Shelby dancing with the cast of the ski show
Cooling off at the splash pad in Shamu's Happy Harbor

Riding their first rollercoaster, Shamu Express- Lyndsey liked it the first time around but not the second!

Dining with Shamu

The girls wanted to ride in Cinderella's carriage so of course we gave in despite it being almost 10pm and no naps taken and a long day at Sea World

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Daddy's Day

Thank you for...
teaching us new things
holding us close and making us feel safe, making us smile and laugh,
and being there for us on our big days!

We love you Daddy-O!
Shelby, Lyndsey, & Michael

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Swim Cru

We just finished two weeks of swim lessons at UMHB. It was exhausting to get them there in the afternoons but well worth it. Shelby mastered preschool and will start Level 1 next year. Lyndsey will move up from specials to preschool. They actually learned how to do swim strokes and kicks as well as jumping into the water by themselves. Next year, I think we'll do mommy & me with Michael so he doesn't have to stay in the stroller the whole time- we all know how he feels about the carseat.Shelby swimming in the relay race.Lyndsey practicing her kicking.You have to stick your tongue out to swim, didn't you know?
Daddy helping Shelby jump into the pool! Do I look excited or what?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Prayerful Request

Finding daycare for Michael is becoming a HUGE challenge! No one has openings so we are on a million waiting lists- some that are a year out. We definitely don't have that long. Please help us pray we find a good childcare provider for him that we can trust. We've settled for daycares before and hated every minute of it and can't go through that again. Also, if you know anyone in the Temple area who provides childcare that is good, please let us know.


Just a little behind schedule

Yesterday we went and had the girls 3 and 5 year pictures made. They turned out awesome! It made me teary eyed when I put them in the frames in the living room. I saw the pictures from the years before and it's almost unbelievable how much they have changed over the last few years. Shelby and Lyndsey are going to be heartbreakers, I can see AND hear their daddy now! I can't wait until Michael's a little bigger to get pictures of the 3 of them together! Here are just a few...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One Fish, Two Fish

One fish...
Two fish...

Red fish...

Blue fish...

and a little shark too!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mikey's take on his sisters...

"Simon says, 'Raise your hand!'"

"You're silly! Come a little closer and I'll get that hair."

"Why are you doing this to me? What did I do to you???"

"Okay, make them stop or I'll cry."

"Momma said knock you out!"

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Boys and Their Toys

The girls got punch balls at little Will's birthday party and have been playing with them nonstop since. They left them on the floor by Mikey and Dane turned around to see this... He had the rubber band handle around his arm and was punching at the balloon all by himself!

T-Ball has come to an end...whew!

Shelby's first year of t-ball is finally finished. She enjoyed it at first, but cried through the last 3 games of the year. I think it's a sign of frustration- she never got to play first base despite being promised by the coach...until the last game of the year! YAY! Next year, new team and coach so hopefully we'll have a better year.

Shelby & Abigail...the best buds played against each other the last game of the season

Shelby waiting to get her trophy at the award ceremony (while Mommy was being attacked by the stupid gnats!)Getting her trophy...she was so excited to put it in her room

Temple Best Cuts Lil' Pinkys- GOOD JOB GIRLS!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gym Kids

Lyndsey's big day finally arrived! Since she is officially 3 and potty trained, she got to start doing an activity. She wanted to do gymnastics so we started her at Extreme Cheer & Tumble in the Gym Kids class (it's the precursor to gymnastics). She had a blast...the teacher is tough and does a great job making them mind!

Shelby decided she wants to be a cheerleader so we enrolled her too so she can learn the basic gymnastic things she needs to know to cheer. I told her we'd try it over the summer and if she didn't like it, we'd go back to dance. We'll see what she likes better after the summer is over...
Ready for class (they don't normally go together but Mommy messed up and missed Lyndsey's class so they had to go together this week)
Poor baby, doesn't have any coordination to do the crab walk!

Shelby ready to start the obstacle course...they both need to learn a forward roll...we'll be practicing at home!

Lyndsey jumping backwards