Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just a little comparison...

I found these today and thought they were hilarious! Here is Shelby at 6 months (notice how big these pajamas are)... and here is Michael at 3 1/2 months (he is wearing this pair for the last time- sleeves are too short and his feet are too big)!
It's amazing how God can create such totally different children from the two of us!

Feed Me! Feed Me!

Our growing boy has made another milestone- just a few weeks early. The bottle has become not enough to keep him full and happy so we decided to start him on baby cereal to see if he was ready and liked it. We set him in the high chair while we ate supper so he could get used to it before being fed. I also gave him a spoon to play with so he would know what it was and not try to take it out of my hand while feeding him. Here is what he decided to do... The table is his foot rest. He puts his feet up there and then curls his toes around the edge. It's hilarious! He wasn't too sure about the cereal for the first few bites but after that, he would open wide for more- I didn't even have to add fruit to get him to eat it like I did the girls! What's funny is, thinking back- he's the biggest of the three at this age and I waited the longest to start him- I guess I just want him to stay my little baby forever!

A bit messy but well worth it- you should hear him laugh and "talk" after he has a full belly!

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Wild One and the Mild One

My girls love to play dress up. It's an all day everyday affair at the Kantro house and has been for years. We have costumes of every kind. Today, the girls decided to play cheerleader. Lyndsey got a cheerleader costume for Christmas so I thought that's what they were going to use...boy was Momma wrong! Lyndsey decided this is what a cheerleader is supposed to look like... She has apparently been really taking note of the big girls at the gym on Wednesday nights because they do look like this! She said you have to roll your shirt up just because you have to. Shelby on the other hand said you have to wear a skirt and hold your pom poms like this...

So naturally my next question was- "What does a cheerleader do?"
Lyndsey said you do this and started shaking her hips really fast!

Shelby on the other hand starting waving and shaking her pom poms around!
They both go to Kids' Gym at Extreme Cheer and Tumble but apparently they watch two completely different things while we are there! It's still amazes me how totally different these two are- the wild one and the mild one! I hope this isn't a sign of the future times...Daddy better get ready now!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can you believe it?

Michael has been home with me everyday (except 2) since he came home from the hospital. So, his growth to me isn't that dramatic. However, the nurses today seemed to think he was a giant! I had an appointment this morning and the nurses were playing with him and asked how old he was so I told them 3 months. They stopped and were like, " He's a big boy! He's going to be tall...I thought he was 9 months or a year." Ummm, no. I know he's a big boy- we've almost outgrown our 3-6 month clothes- not in chunkiness but in length and feet...but is he really that much bigger than most babies his age??? The girls were small at this age so I don't really have a comparison. We go next month for our 4 month check up and we'll find out exactly what percentile we are in according to the growth chart! Oh well, he's my healthy baby boy that looks so much like his daddy it's kinda scary! Sportin' his police car shirt

He's almost too long to fit on the changing attachment for the port-a-crib!

Doing some tummy time as much as he hates it!

Playing with a rattle and his shirt...his favorite things to play with are his burp rags and his shirts and don't forget my hair (he usually has a fist full of it with him)!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Week of Fun in the Sun

Our vacation this year was laid back and relaxing. We did whatever, whenever- no planning ahead! It was wonderful! We visited Pop (Dane's grandpa) in San Angelo for a week of fun at the lake. When we first arrived, the girls got to see a bunch of mayflies around the outside of the house. Shelby caught one and showed it off to Lyndsey who was afraid to touch them. The next day we went to Academy and got fishing poles for the girls. Of course, the girly girls had to choose Barbie and Princess poles. I wasn't surprised at all! We went out to the boat dock and fished for a while. Mikey was too little so he hung out, laughing and playing, while the girls fished. They didn't catch anything the first day because the turtles kept eating their worms.
Shelby had to be stylish while fishing of course!

Dane & Pop got Lyndsey's pole ready to go.

Lyndsey enjoyed fishing for about 5 minutes. She realized she had to stand still and be quiet so she gave up.

The two M.L.'s hanging out in the a/c.

We went out on several boat rides during the week. Lyndsey didn't want to go but we made her just like we did Shelby at her age. Lyndsey says she didn't like it but as you can see, she really did enjoy it.

Mikey is so much like his daddy...he can sleep through anything. He slept through all the boat rides. He would fuss until Dane got up to full throttle and then he would sleep. Once Dane slowed down, he was awake and cranky again. I feel bad that he had his first boat ride wearing a pink and orange life jacket- but I couldn't justify spending $20 for a new life jacket he'd wear for a week. I just put him in the one Shelby and Lyndsey wore at his age.

Shelby wanted to drive the boat so Dane let her guide us back to Pop's house in the no wake zone.

The girls also had a great time "swimming with the fishies". Dane has been waiting for them to be big enough to swim with him in the lake just like he did with his dad. They had a great time!

Michael and I got in the lake with them. Michael enjoyed the lake better than the pool- mainly because it was much warmer. I had so much fun swimming with them. It'll be more fun when Mikey gets bigger and doesn't have to be in a baby float.

On Friday, we went to Sterling City to Carli's 8th birthday party. Shelby had to keep up with the big girls so she went down the slide, jumped off the low dive, and the high dive. We were SHOCKED that she did it 5 times! We are so glad she has come out of being afraid of everything; unfortunately, Lyndsey is now in that stage. We had a great time catching up with Jason and Cari and their family.

Here's another shot from a boat ride. I got smart after carrying Michael the first trip and put him in his car seat for the rest of them. He got the shade he needed and my arm didn't fall asleep from holding him ackwardly for over an hour.

Dane took the girls in the boat house to fish where he caught them the most as a kid. Shelby had one bite early but didn't get it hooked in fast enough. She finally got a little crappie and was excited! As you can see, she didn't want to touch it at all!

Lyndsey started out fishing but quit so Dane used her pole and kept fishing. He caught a catfish on it. Mikey was impressed and tried to touch it but couldn't quite reach- maybe next year big boy!:)

Saturday, we all loaded up and went to Mertzon for a fish fry. Pop had fun watching the girls run around and he also enjoyed getting out of the house for awhile. When we go to Mertzon, we never know what animals to expect. Most people have dogs, cats, maybe a bird or snake. Not here! They have frogs, dogs, horses, and baby deer. I guess when you live on a ranch, you can have anything. They had a newborn (one day old) white tail deer that they found still wet. It's mom had apparently abandoned it so they brought it home and are bottle feeding it. Gabby was the sweetest thing- she was afraid of the kids but would let the adults pet her.

Sherri and Calvin also have two axis deer, Prissy and Rambo, as pets. They have had them since February and kept them in the house in diapers during the winter. Now they are outside in the pen. They hope to breed them and help repopulate the axis deer in the area.

The girls also played with puppies and rode on Lowell, one of the horses, while we were there for the afternoon. It was nice to catch up with everyone while we were there. It's hard to believe the last time we saw them all was when Lyndsey was barely walking!

It was a vacation filled with lots of "firsts" for us. We had a great time and are now enjoying our own beds and our own space. A two bedroom, one bath house with 6 people gets a little cramped after a few days but we wouldn't change it for the world! Pop is probably relaxing in his recliner and enjoying the peace and quiet. It will be great memories for all of us!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Small Town 4th

In a small town like ours, everyone does the same thing for the 4th. Belton parade, bbq, and fireworks. You have to get to the parade extremely early to find a park and to find a place to watch the parade. Since Dane has to work the parade, I got the kids up early and we headed out. I treated the girls to donuts before the parade so they could eat in the car. We arrived an hour early so finding entertainment was loads of fun! The girls and Michael did great considering the extreme heat. The girls had a blast watching all the horses and cars while Michael slept through the entire hour and a half parade. We ended the trip meeting up with Daddy at the PD to cool off and have a little snack!
Dane sporting his super cool white uniform shirt!

How I spent the entire parade...as if it wasn't hot enough already!

How Lyndsey spent the parade when motorcycles went by...hilarious!

Enjoying cookies and water with Daddy

My boys...I so love them!

Kid Creation

Oh Say Can You...Scream!?!

Fireworks on the 4th are an unwritten rule I think. We took the kids along with Allen, Suzie, and Jade to Larry's to watch fireworks this year. After the good time last year with fireworks, we thought the kids would be fine. Boy were we wrong!! Jade and Mikey thoroughly enjoyed the show, Shelby and Lyndsey on the other hand- not so much. Suzie and I ended up trading kids off during the show to keep them calm and not screaming. Shelby even had earplugs and she still freaked out. She liked to watch them, just not the loud noises. Crazy considering it didn't bother Mikey until the finale and Amy whisked him off to the garage so he didn't have a total meltdown. Note for next year: fireworks down the road from the show!
Lyndsey, Jade, & Shelby ready for the show
Me, Amy, & Dane waiting for Shelby to take the picture- obviously she took it before we were ready

Shelby took a picture of the fireworks

Suzie relaxing before the show

Dane & Allen chillin' before the show

Me & Dane...we don't normally get a picture together when we go out

This is how the girls started out watching the show and then the meltdowns began

Dane & Michael watching the fireworks