Monday, August 24, 2009

School Days are here...

Our little girl started kindergarten today! It was sad for Mommy who cried despite the fact she's only across the hall. It's just hard to believe my baby is old enough to start the next chapter in her Shelby had a great day. She knew several of the girls in her class from Bethune which helped ease the transition to Raye-Allen. It was a big decision to have her with me but I think we made the right one. I hope and pray they can reach her on her level and not let her float along where she is. She's an intellegent little girl waiting and hoping to learn more as anyone who knows her well would agree. I think she'll do great and she's so excited...I hope it lasts all year!
Outside her classroom door this morning looking adorable in the outfit she has had picked out for about a month now! (She's not OCD like her mommy at all!)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lion's Junction

Temple got a new splash park this summer. We've only had the chance to go a few times but next summer it should be a big hit since Michael will be big enough to "play" in the water. It has a big walk in splash pool with two little slides, a climbing net, and a huge bucket that when it fills up it dumps all over the kids. The girls love it! Lyndsey will not go on the red slide but she has just entered the irrational fear stage so hopefully it'll pass by next summer. It also has a lazy river and a little whirlpool- the girls love this- we put on their life jackets and let them go around with us behind them. They are still too small for the tubes so it works pretty well! They have two big kid slides that they will eventually be tall enough to do as well.
Shelby going head first down the slide
Shelby climbing up to go on the slide

Daddy and Michael floating in the lazy river

The girls playing with Isabella and Julian- friends from school

Watch out- it's swamp thing! All Lyndsey does in the splash pool is crawl around like a monster- quite funny to watch!

He's 4 months!?!

Our baby boy is 4 months now! I know I'm a week late but things have been hectic trying to get ready for school to start and the little ones ready for daycare. Mikey loves to play these days. He likes his zoo playmat and his saucer that we just tried out. He loves to see everything going on around him. He loves to eat food but not carrots...he'll gag...quite hilarious because the girls ate anything you put in their mouths! He coos and giggles and shreiks all day everyday! He's about to roll over from his back to his'll be any day now. He gets where he needs to go by scooting on his back like his oldest sister did. He's almost completely outgrown 3-6 month clothes now- I can't wait until next week to see how long he is and how much he weighs. It's humorous when we go out because people don't believe he's only 4 months- then they reply, "He's a big boy!" or "He's gonna be a linebacker isn't he?" or "He takes after his daddy, doesn't he?"

I'm madly in love with this little man...what did we ever do without him??? I still truly believe he is God's gift to Dane- God has big plans for Dane and I think this little angel is a big part of it.

I can't believe how much he looks like his daddy- look at those blue eyes!
Long legs- I think I can move the saucer to the second notch already!

Very inquisitive- so much like his daddy!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I think I might have been wrong

I've always said Michael looks like Lyndsey...I'm not so sure anymore! I think he looks more like Shelby these days.
Shelby MichaelLyndsey
I guess we'll just have to wait until he's about a year old to see who he really is going to look like!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Feet

Michael has been extra clingy these last few days but I finally got the happy boy to play by himself so I could eat my lunch today. I looked down at him to make sure he was still playing and this is what I found...

He had his big foot stuck in the hanging toy! Of course, I grabbed the camera and watched to see what he was going to do instead of helping him...can you tell it's the 3rd child?! It took him about 5 minutes to get it out...he never fussed though!:)