Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grandparents' Day Tea

Each year, Bethune invites grandparents to come to tea with their grandchildren. This year, Nana got to come see Lyndsey in her class. They had a snack and were there for lunch with the kids. Lyndsey made sure Nana didn't forget her. They had a poster with things they did with their grandparents and a bulletin board with pictures of them together. I sent pictures to show Lyndsey with all her grandparents- Nana Tingle, Pop, Grandma & Granddad, and Nana & Papa. Dane figured she would be the only one with a great great grandmother still alive. I think they both had a great time! Tomorrow Nana will eat lunch with Shelby at Sparta for her Grandparents' Day luncheon.

So proud to show off her gift for Nana!

Dance Fever!

Lyndsey started dance on Monday and as you can see- she was extremely excited! She asked me starting early that morning if she had dance that day. She did wonderfully once she got in there. We had to talk about staying on your star until the teacher tells you to move before she went in because I knew she would have been all over the place otherwise. She seemed to have a great time and has already been asking "Do I have dance today?" She will be hilarious to watch each week. Lyndsey sporting her pink leotard that was too small (oops! Momma just can't believe how much they've all grown this summer- I can't just guess sizes anymore :( )

Shelby started her 3rd year of dance at Mrs. Lisa's. She has Mrs. Heather who has a list of credentials a mile long...she is very particular about having their hair back and precision so I have a feeling Shelby will learn quite a bit this year- just watching the first class you could see she was going to be teaching them lots of new things which is exactly what we wanted for her. Mrs. Heather also coaches the competition dance teams so she said she'd be watching to see what they needed to be in next year.
Ohhh...go ahead and mark your calendars- May 22, 2010 is the girls' dance recital at the same place as last year!!!

First Day of School, part 2

Shelby started at her new school on Tuesday. I was an answer to our prayers to say the least! Sparta has been a wonderful place for Shelby and we can already see a huge difference in how she carries herself. Just ask her about how school went- she'll beam from ear to ear and let you know all about it and even a little more than you really care to know! She brought home her first graded papers today- 2 "100"'s- I was so proud! It's just really hard to believe they give grades to kindergarteners...they seem too little to me for that pressure (but they also didn't ask me so I just have to deal with it!) This school has lots of extra family activities so I'm sure I'll have lots of posts to keep you updated about her school year.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What are you feeding him?!

Michael is a healthy, happy, huge baby boy! At 5 months, he weighs in at 19 lbs. and is 27 inches long...90th percentile all around (head, height, weight). Dr. Riser wanted to know what I'd been feeding him- steak, potatoes, what?! It's hard to believe we've really just started introducing foods to him. He's as big now as Shelby was at 1 year! It's quite hilarious if you ask me! I had to put in a picture of him and a picture of Shelby at a year. They truly are about the same size...God has an awesome way of making each child unique even though they have the same parents. I can't wait to see how big he is at his first birthday which seems so far away right now but I'm sure will still get here too fast. Dane and Michael before church last Sunday

Shelby on her first birthday at Cagle's (look at that orange nose- you can tell she loved her carrots!)

Hunting Season

With the opening of hunting season, I think I'm going to be a weekend single mom! Dane and my dad went dove hunting on Monday. They didn't see much but stayed all day anyway. Dane shot two but didn't bring any home. Unfortunately, Dad didn't get any- maybe next time! I think once it's cooler, the hunting will get better. So in honor of hunting season and Mikey being a mini-me of his daddy, I dressed him in camo like the big boys! I can't wait until he's big enough to go hunting with Daddy and Papa- it'll be so cute!!

Friday Attire

Go Wildcats! Fridays are spirit days and we found the girls some cute cheerleader skirts at Academy that work perfectly! I can't wait until October when Shelby gets to attend the Little Wildcat Cheer Camp- she'll have a blast!