Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trunk or Treat

As part of our tradition each year, we load the kids up and head to the church for Trunk or Treat. It's a safe and inviting atmosphere that the kids love! They are big enough now that we can stand back and let them go trunk to trunk and not worry. They get just enough candy so it's a good deal for all of us. Shelby did her own thing but Lyndsey decided to be shy and needed some encouragement from Aunt Heather to get started. Michael was just along for the stroll and wound up with some candy and goodies of his own. Next year, he'll be leading us around I'm sure! Waiting in line to start trunk or treating

Everyone thought Michael needed some treats of his own- if only he had some teeth!

Shelby loaded up her candy bag at this trunk

Lyndsey was afraid to go any closer- she reached as far as she could to get her candy

Brody and Lyndsey (they have been buddies for several years now-it's hard to believe he's three as well- he makes her look small)

This reminds of the Tootsie Pop commercials with the owl from back in the day:
"How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a Tootsie Pop?"

Tanner, Macie (the spider from Miss Muffett) and Michael- she's tells everyone she's his girlfriend (Macie's mommy, Angela, keeps Michael during the day for us so they know each other quite well now)

Ella (Miss Muffett) and Shelby

Happy Halloween!

The High School Musical Cheerleader with added sass!

The beautiful Tinkerbell with a "brain"(aka braid)!

The handsome little Hunny Pot!

Halloween Party

Friday night we went to a Block Party at the Taylor's. We all had a good time- it makes me count my blessings that I can take my kids to these types of things and not worry about them misbehaving all night. They had a great time playing with all the kids while the adults watched and visited. They had a bounce house, cake walk, gooey games, musical chairs, and whatever impromptu activity came up throughout the night. It was a bit cold but the kids were troopers. Michael never fussed- he got passed around and hung out in the stroller and even caught a nap without a tear...he's such a good baby! We were supposed to dress up but didn't have time to get costumes together with all the other chaos this week...maybe next time. Daddy and Michael out visiting everyone.

Jumping in the bounce house while waiting for the hot dogs to cook.

Shelby watching Matthew find eyeballs in the slime...neither of them would do it-they just wanted to watch.

The girls after winning cupcakes in the Cupcake Walk! Shelby was disappointed you could only win she ate the first one I don't know- they were HUGE!

Daina showing the girls how to make Oobleck...yuck!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Family Fun

Shelby just loves her baby brother to pieces and I finally caught some of their fun time on camera! She is like his second momma and will tell you that if you ask her. She thinks she needs to hover over him ALL the time...I never thought she'd be that way but I'll take it over the fighting any day.

Now, on to Family Fun Day! Saturday we took Aunt Heather and Uncle Chuck with us to the Pumpkin Patch and Fall Carnival. We met the Taylor family at the Pumpkin Patch and had a great time. The kids got to play in the haystack, play tetherball, ride the Kiddie Train, paint pumpkins, feed the animals in the petting zoo, go through a maze, and go on a hayride. It was such a nice way to spend the morning- even better with good friends and family! We were all exhausted by the time we left but still had the carnival to go. I didn't post many pics from the pumpkin patch here- they are elsewhere on the blog. This one though was a priceless sisterly love moment- even though they fight like crazy, they really do love each other!

Later in the afternoon, we went to Sparta for the Fall Carnival. I wish the notes home said they were supposed to wear their Halloween costumes because as soon as we got there and saw the other kids, all I heard was "Why didn't I get to wear my costume Momma?" Other than that minor issue, the girls and Michael had a great time. They had all kinds of games, tattoos, crafts, and candy for them to enjoy. I had to put a stop to the candy after about 45 minutes or else we would have had some sick tummies since I don't give them much. While I was helping the girls make necklaces at one station, I looked up to see Dane and Michael sharing popcorn- yes, I said popcorn. After I got on to Dane for it, he and my sister added "But it's just the soft part- no kernels. Look at him he loves it!" If it had been one of the girls, he'd never have done it- so you can obviously see by the third child- anything goes.
Outside they had lots of inflatables, a dunking booth, climbing wall, and putt putt games. The girls loved the bouncy house. Lyndsey is finally not afraid of it...I wondered how long that was going to take.
We had a few tickets left and the girls were tired of the games so everyone (minus me and Mikey) did the cake walk. We figured it would make our odds of winning even better- and it did! Uncle Chuck won and got a cake and a plate of peanut butter cookies (which he shared with us- they were delicious- I wish I knew how the person made them without them getting hard).
All in all, it was a great day! We just had one Lyndsey meltdown solved with a timeout at the carnival which was good since we went with no nap. We haven't had a Family Fun Day in a while since Dane used to work weekends all the time, so it was a much needed bonding time.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reading is Fun for Everyone!

Now that Shelby can read, we have to set aside time each day for her to practice. It has to be quiet so we make sure everyone has a book to read to keep themselves entertained while Shelby works on improving her skills. It's going very well I might add- she started reading AR books and took her first test today. Don't know how she did but I assume well because she came home with a new book. So long Little Puff, after reading it every day for 6 days, I can recite it in my sleep- thank goodness for a new book each week. Lyndsey has now taken an interest in learning the alphabet and sight words too -so we may have 2 readers by the end of the year!

6 Months

Man, time goes by fast! It's already been 6 months since Michael was definitely has flown by. He's no longer my "little" baby boy- he's a whopping 20lbs. 12 oz. and 28 inches long (90th percentile all around). We've officially retired all 6-9 month clothing...he wears all 12 month stuff but at the rate he's growing, we probably won't be in them for long. He rolls over like a champ, is sitting on his own when he wants to, holds his bottle when he wants to, loves his baby food, loves his formula much more than the food, smiles and coos for everyone, and plays peek a boo with the burp rag. He even has a girlfriend (an older woman- she's 3)- quite the flirt I might add!Big ole boy- he's SO long!
Unfortunately, at this appointment we learned Michael might have asthma. We've had several episodes of coughing and wheezing...this time it just happened to start the day before the appointment so Dr. Riser got to experience what we've been concerned about. She said it may just be developmental- I sure hope so. Anyways, now we get to do breathing treatments every 4 hours as needed- not much fun with a feisty little boy- and an oral steroid for the next 5 days. We hope he's feeling better by the weekend, we have plans for his first trip to the pumpkin patch. As you can see in the pictures, I had it easy because he fell asleep to the noise of the machine. When he's awake, I think I may have my hands full!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lil Wildcat Cheer Camp 09

Shelby had a blast this morning at cheer camp with her cheerleader, Jasmine. She saw quite a few of her friends there. Tarin was in her group and Abigail was in the group next to her (I think they got reminded quite often to stay in their group!) and she named a whole list of other little girls she saw so she was really excited. They practiced for a couple hours and then did a performance for the parents. She was so cute out there and smiled the whole time. I'm sad she'll miss the big performance before next week's game but we had already planned our trip to Lubbock. Next year, Shelby and Lyndsey will do it and I'll make sure they get to perform at the game!
Shelby, Tarin, & Abigail

Shelby doing her jump!

Isn't she so cute?!

Shelby & Jasmine

Go Cats!