Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Look Back...

I've enjoyed looking back at the kids' pictures as they've grown the last few weeks. So in honor of Shelby's 6th birthday- here's a look back at her birthdays. I hope you enjoy the memories as much as I do (as I type this with a tear in my eye)!
She's really blooming into a beautiful little lady!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Busy Decade

The last decade has been a fun, wild ride for us together! Many life events have happened... January 8, 2000- Dane and I started our lives as one
(I still can't believe we are celebrating our 10th anniversary)

After this, we bought our first home and I graduated from Tech. Two days after Tech graduation, I got my first teaching job. After that, Dane started working at the Lubbock Co. Sheriff's Office- his first job in law enforcement. Soon after, we bought our second home and were blessed with our first bundle of joy.
Shelby Nicole- born January 21, 2004
A little over a year later, we moved to Temple to start new jobs. Dane started at the sheriff's office here and I started teaching in Killeen ISD. Shortly after this, Dane got hired with the Belton Police Dept. Two weeks after Dane started with Belton PD, our second bundle of joy arrived.
Lyndsey Renee- born March 17, 2006

We realized that new houses meant a new baby so we decided we didn't need to move again for a little while!
"God isn't through with (us) yet"...words to live by after Dane's accident in Feb. 2008... I firmly believe that because God has opened many doors for us since then and our relationship is stronger than ever before. August of 2008 we found out we were expecting baby #3... this time, it's a boy!
Michael Leon- born April 6, 2009
I started a new job last year in Temple which I LOVE! Dane is now working as a school resource officer for Belton ISD.
It's been a busy, eventful 10 years!
I hope the next ten years are just as fabulous, but maybe a little less "eventful"!

9 months

Our sweet baby boy is 9 months old! It's so hard to seems like just yesterday, he was my little boy who loved to be held and cuddled. Now, he's pseudo-crawling, steamrolling, laughing, imitating sounds, and playing with all his big boy toys. He loves his sisters and all the chaos they surround him with daily. He still loves his jumperoo and now has added his pony and fish tank. He's such a sweet, gentle boy- I'm sure it won't last long now that he's crawling but I'll cherish these moments now! And for those interested in his stats, Michael is a whopping 30.5 inches and 24.6 lbs...I have a big boy in the works for sure! The doctor doesn't want to know what I'm feeding him, but what I'm NOT feeding him!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

From Christmas to New Year's

Christmas was a hectic time for us this year. It was our first Christmas to spend alone with the kids on Christmas Day when opening was rushed unfortunately since Dane had to work but the kids really enjoyed what Santa left under the tree. Michael made out quite well for his first Christmas...he LOVES his Radio Flyer pony. The gifts were so different this year since the girls are getting older the toys aren't as little girl anymore. We had Christmas dinner with Mom and Dad after Dane got off work.

Exhausted from all the new toys and fun going on around him!

We had Christmas with my family on Saturday. Everyone seemed to enjoy all their new goodies and Mikey discovered Nana's tree.
Papa wondered if anyone would be able to find him in his camo pj pants.

Nana opening her gift from the kids- a framed picture of them that I know she's been waiting for since October!
Lyndsey can't get enough of this backpack- you never know when she is going to have it on!


New Year's Day we celebrated Christmas with Dane's family. We were supposed to go up there but with Mikey recovering from his ear infections- it just wasn't the best idea. I think everyone enjoyed their goodies yet again.
A Dirk West Raider Red picture- cute! Dane has it hanging in his office at work.

Her very own camera with a really bright flash!

Shelby's big girl camera that she carries around in her purse. Watch out- you never know when she's going to take a picture!