Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday...the Pappasito's way!

We decided to take the Taylor family out to dinner on our last night in Weatherford which just happened to be a sweet little girl's birthday too. After a round about way (aka 2 drivers having two different locations in mind- one correct and one not who also happened to be leading the caravan) to Pappasitos in Ft. Worth, we got there and had to wait a very long time since we were late for our reservations and then they gave our table to someone else accidently. The kids were troopers through the wait and really enjoyed the food- almost as much as the adults. Lyndsey was very excited to get sung to and get her dessert but she was obviously not very happy about the sombrero.

Pouty faced birthday girl

Slowly warming up to it

Happy 4th Birthday, Sweet Lyndsey!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break Fun

Dane finally had a chance for a week long spring break like the rest of us, so this year we decided to take our first trip in the camper. We loaded up and headed north to Weatherford and stayed a few days with our good friends, the Taylor family. They were gracious enough to let us set up "camp" outside their vacation home and spend some time with them and their family. I think there were 18 of us total (8 adults, 10 kids). Lots of food, fun, and fellowship!! We played outside at the creek and just ran around in the great outdoors. The kids had fun without a tv or computer. We had so much fun, we hope to do it again soon! I was truly surprised how much fun everyone really had. Dane and Doug went on a motorcycle ride while the rest of us hung out at the creek and made a rock walkway so you could walk to the other side to sit and relax. Tuesday we took the kids to the zoo. Wednesday we went to Doc's ranch to ride horses and feed the cows. The kids had a fantastic time. Shelby would have riden the horse all day if they would have let her. She seems to ride like a natural. Lyndsey had to be coaxed but Doug's dad finally got her to ride and of course she loved it. Mikey even got to have his first horseback ride. Doc said he was happy the whole time. I think our kids would do well if we lived on a farm or in the country- not that I'm planning that or anything. I'm glad our kids love the outdoors as much as they do- it's good for them!

The camper was a learning experience for all of us. We know now what we definitely need to bring next time! The kids and I did well for our first time- much better than expected really. I didn't pictures of the camping for some reason or the creek (I didn't want to drop the camera hiking down) but next time I will!

Shelby and Matthew riding with Doc

Michael and Tony taking a ride

Michael's first horse ride

Mommy and Mikey hanging out- we did this a lot since I couldn't let him crawl around the pasture since I didn't want him to play in horse apples- yuck!

Steven and Shelby petting the other horse- she was hurt so she couldn't take the kids for a ride

Doc warming Lyndsey up for the ride- he had her pet the horse first

Lyndsey and Lilly riding around

Daddy and Michael hanging out on the fence watching the other kids ride

Lyndsey, Lola, and Shelby doing sidewalk chalk up at the house while the big kids rode
(I wish I had gotten a good picture of this house- it was amazing!!)

Lyndsey and Grace playing with the tree horse

Shelby riding on her own horse while Doc led- she loved it!

Mommy and Shelby petting the cow while it ate- I was trying to get Lyndsey to come over and do it but she refused

Lyndsey, Lola, and Grace putting out more cattle cubes

Shelby putting out cattle cubes

Lyndsey watching the cow from a distance- she really wanted to pet the calves but the mommas wouldn't let us close to the babies

The girls enjoyed the cows more than the boys-they hung out by the truck while the girls fed them

Lyndsey Goes to the Zoo

For Lyndsey's birthday, we packed up and made a day trip into Ft. Worth to visit Aunt Heather and Uncle Chuck. The weather wasn't as cooperative as we would have liked but it all worked out in the end. Our original plan was the zoo and then the rain came so we opted for the Children's Museum. We got there, got in line, and realize it was going to take too long in line and the kids weren't going to handle that so we took our chances with the zoo. It only rained for the first 20 minutes and then the sun came out. Good weather for the animals to all be out!
He LOVED seeing the animals!

Ohhh, the gorillas! Just ask Lyndsey why this was her favorite part- I'll let her tell you! :)

Mikey trying to touch the animal

Shelby telling Uncle Chuck what they are looking at

Lyndsey and Aunt Heather checking out the animals

Mikey and Daddy looking at the elephants

The kids looking at the Gentuk- Mikey is waving to them like he did most of the was cute!

Over in the Texas part, Lyndsey hanging out with the alligator...she has another story for this part, just ask- I'm sure she'll tell you! :)

Mikey and Daddy checking out the black bear

All in all, it was a great day at the zoo. By the end, they were all obnoxious but we were headed out anyway. We didn't see all of it but Aunt Heather is taking them in June so I'm sure they'll check out what we missed this time.

Lyndsey's Birthday

Our baby girl turned 4 on St. Patty's Day. She's an energetic, imaginative, opinionated, questioning, lovable, silly young lady! She loves playing outside, Disney movies, dress up, playing pretend, going to church, and asking a million and one questions. We love her to pieces! :) She's growing into such a vibrant girl- I can't wait to see how she blossoms this year. This outfit sums her up perfectly!

So excited about her Dora dance birthday party with the family- thanks to all of you for coming and sharing her special day- we enjoyed having you at our slightly messy house (it will look good soon :) )

Dinner at Oscar Store...great atmosphere and good food (well for the most part- it didn't agree with Lyndsey that night :( )

Michael enjoyed it too!

Lyndsey & Shelby rocking in style on the front porch swing at Oscar Store