Sunday, April 25, 2010

An Evening at the Ballpark

After work Friday, we headed to Weatherford to spend the weekend with Doug, Daina, and their crew. We were minus Shelby for the trip since she had a dance clinic at the high school I had already scheduled before the trip came up. We went to The Ballpark at Arlington to enjoy the Third Day concert and the Rangers game. The kids did so well, I was proud! :) They loved the Third Day concert- we weren't too close but you could still see the stage a little and they sounded the same as they do recorded live- it was awesome!! We will definitely have to do a Rangers game again!! Getting Mikey set up to listen to the concert apparently took lots of hands- you can see Momma, Daina, Tony, Grace, and Matthew helping out while Lyndsey took a seat in the stroller

Enjoying the nice weather and good music- it was a little windy but it kept us from getting too hot

Hanging out waiting for Aunt Heather and Uncle Chuck to find us- my being directionally challenged sent them on a wild goose chase looking for us when they weren't too far from us to start with! I sent them to the other side of the concert when it should have only taken them a minute because they were originally only a little ways from us :)

Lyndsey in her seat at the stadium waiting for the game to start (she really just wanted the $6.50 ice cream I had promised earlier in the day)

Daddy and Mikey watching the game (this was just before Mikey fell asleep)

Go Rangers!
Momma holding the biggie boy- he was out by the 3rd inning

The view from our nose bleed section seats (4 rows from the top in right field)- they really weren't that bad though

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We are "those" kind of parents...

...who scream and holler from the stands at our child on the field just to make sure she is doing what she is supposed to on the field even though she looks at us and says, " I know!" ...who yell to our child to get the ball, throw it to first, and watch she's going to throw it back to you even though she looks back and rolls her eyes at us.

*I just had to throw this one in because my boys are just too cute as they intently watch Shelby's game! :)* ...who yell "Go, Shelby, Go!!!" when she runs around the bases and she can't hear us anyway with the huge helmet on her head! ...who say "Great job, Shelby!" when she touches home plate and has a huge smile on her face!

...who have vowed to be quiet from now on unless it's something positive and encouraging because we know Coach Michael and Coach Angie know what they are doing! We vowed to take our competitiveness down a notch for the sake of Shelby having fun this year! Go Pink Panthers!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cooking with Daddy

Daddy and the girls made us dinner tonight! They were excited to be the helpers and got to top their pizza anyway they wanted. They needed a little help or all the toppings would have been in the same place :) I hope they taste as good as they look (they are cooking as I am typing)!

Half pepperoni, half hamburger- and olives all over

The chefs and their creations!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A "Blossoming" Artist

Last night, I was finishing eating dinner at the table and Shelby brought me a picture that she drew. It's a common occurrance at our house, Shelby loves to draw things and tell you she made it just for you- very sweet and thoughtful. But this time, I got a surprise! Shelby went in her room, drew me a picture, and brought it to me. I took it and said "OH!!! Shelby, what did you draw for me?" Shelby's answer, "It's me at the beach laying on my towel, Momma!" As I was fighting back tears from laughing so hard, I said, "Well Shelby, what are these honey (pointing to the blue circles)?" Her reply, "Those are my hips!" (all while putting her hands on her hips and shaking them). She had no clue what it really looked like and just couldn't figure out why Dane and I were laughing! I couldn't stop laughing for a good 5 minutes after this one! I chuckled to myself several times today thinking about her picture at the beach. I hope you enjoy her masterpiece as much as we did!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Michael turns 1!!!

The biggie boy turned one yesterday. A happy day for Michael but a sad day for mommy-but I'll get over it I guess :) God blessed us with a happy, go lucky little boy who is laidback and funny. He loves to be silly, watch the fish, but especially picking on his sisters. He's really starting to play with toys now so I'm excited to see what he loves the most.

He went to the doctor today for his 1 year checkup and he weighs 24 lbs and is 30 1/2 inches long. He's at the top of the growth chart yet again!

Happy boy showing off his 6 teeth quite well!

This picture captures his true silly self- blowing raspberries at mommy as usual- but who can't smile at those big blue eyes??? I think I may have a problem with that later on though! What can I say, he's got his mommy wrapped around his finger. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Hunt Easter eggs-check, 3 Easter baskets a piece- check, candy overload- check, cranky children- check, exhausted Mommy and Daddy- check and check! It was a wild, hectic, fun Easter weekend at the Kantro house! We celebrated Michael's 1st birthday Saturday at lunch. That afternoon, we headed outdoors for an Easter egg hunt. I'm so glad we did since the weather didn't cooperate on Sunday. They all had a blast with the eggs. Mikey and his eggs- don't get too close sisters, I'll take yours too!

The girls looking for eggs

Lyndsey and Shelby dressed for church- I love these outfits on them!

Michael before church- sorry I didn't get a better picture- he was so cranky I couldn't get one any other way!

Checking out what the Easter bunny brought

Mikey and his Easter bunny loot

Sunday didn't go as planned but what does with small children. Michael woke up cranky and started running a fever at church so the rest of the day was pretty much a wash. Mom and Dad made a great Easter lunch for everyone to enjoy. We visited with family for a while before everyone left and then we all vegged out on the couch watching Alvin and the Chipmunks for the afternoon. I was glad the kids hunted eggs the day before because no one had the energy to do it on Sunday anyway. We had such a busy weekend, but it was lots of fun for everyone!

Michael's 1st Birthday Party

Happy Birthday (a little early), Michael! We had Mikey's first birthday this weekend. Thomas the Train was the theme and he seemed to love Thomas. It's harder to plan little boy parties than little girl parties to me but as time goes on I think I'll get the hang of it. Lots of family time and good food made it a great day! I still don't want to believe he's almost 1... (please ignore the dates on the pics- the back up camera was being used so the dates are all wrong- grrr!!) Excuse my loss for words today, I'm still exhausted from the weekend! Thomas the Train cake

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you

My sweet kiddos

Opening up his gifts

Despite all the wonderful gifts, he just wanted the $1 calculator to play with!