Friday, June 11, 2010

Trophy = Awesome

In the mind of a 6 year old, getting a trophy is the most awesome thing ever! Shelby was ready all day to go get her trophy because now she was going to have 2 of them. She couldn't wait to show Daddy when we took him supper. Tomorrow we are taking it to show Papa and Nana.
Anxiously waiting her turn

So excited to get her trophy from Coach Michael

Extreme Cheer and Tumble Pink Panthers 2010

I love my babies!

It's Officially Summertime

We made our first trip to the splash pad today which makes it officially summertime at the Kantro house. It's one of the best things to do when it's hot and the kids need to burn some energy or momma needs them to take a good nap so she can get some things done. :) I'm sure we will go many, many more times throughout the rest of the summer!
Michael loved it- he played for an hour without ever fussing!

My silly girls

Happy kids

He crawls around it now (he's still unsteady on the wet ground) but by the end of the summer he'll be toddling all over it I'm sure

Chapstick, what Chapstick???

She's beautiful isn't she? She always makes me laugh (even when I shouldn't)!

Little Man is on the go

Michael is officially on the go! He has been walking for about 2 weeks now and it getting faster and faster each day. The girls are in trouble now!! Walking with his arms up- it's funny to watch!

Walking back to his Handy Manny car- his favorite toy right now

Sitting on his car watching Yo Gabba Gabba (his favorite show)

Good Job, Pink Panthers!

Softball season has come to an end. Shelby had a good time playing again this year. She is ready to play competitive league next year and I think it will be good for her to see how it really works. She was disappointed she didn't get all-star- but she's still our little all-star :) Here are a few shots from the last game Tuesday night. Thanks Uncle Sean and Aunt Teisha for coming to watch- she was very excited! Thanks to Nana and Papa for coming as much as they could- she looked forward to seeing you there!