Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friday Night at the Ballpark

The Kantros hit the ballpark for one last game this summer. Shelby didn't get to go the first time so we made another trip up last Friday. We watched the Rangers play the Angels despite the brief showers before game time. The kids had a blast and had the added bonus of it being "Chatter Bat Night" and a firework night. You can see Mikey was happy with his bat. It was a great game. The kids did great through the whole thing except Shelby's meltdown when the homerun fireworks went off. She hates loud noises and I didn't know that did it so I couldn't warn her. She watched the rest of the game with her hands over her ears when the Rangers batted. The kids of course got their ice cream treats and loved them. The after game fireworks were awesome- they shot them off to Broadway music. Mikey loved them, Lyndsey loved them just not the noise, and Shelby screamed and cried through all 20 minutes of it. I wonder when she will out grow it? Other than that, it was a great weekend getaway!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun on the 4th

We hope everyone had a safe, fun 4th! We had hamburgers and hotdogs with Nana and Papa for lunch and then headed out to the tractor lot for a barbecue with friends and watched the city fireworks from there. We know we've gotten older when the party involves lots of kids now. We used to be the only ones with kids- now we have the most but aren't the only ones. Oh, well we still had just as much fun as always. We even bought some of our own fireworks to play with this year :)
The girls popping some of the confetti poppers in the backyard.

Daddy showing them the snakes...I had never heard of these but he just had to get them!

We actually took a picture together :)

The best picture of him all day!

Shelby playing with a sparkler after she realized it wasn't going to be loud and it wasn't going to burn her
Lyndsey and her sparkler

The city firework show from across I-35- you can see it perfectly from the tractor lot without the crowds

Watching from the back of the truck- you can see Mikey pointing saying "LOOK!"

We had more fireworks to set off afterwards but the kids all fell asleep on the way to find a spot so we're hoping to go do them tonight. The kids were so worn out they didn't wake up until almost 11am...I think it was a record!