Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wishful Thinking

Oh, how I wish I was this creative! We took the girls to Holland Gardens to look at the beautiful trees they decorate every year. I love seeing all the ideas they have but I wouldn't want to really spend that much to decorate a tree. I let the girls pick which tree they liked the most and took a picture of them with it. Shelby by the pink, sparkly tree (I'm sure it had a name but I can't remember)

Lyndsey by the Barbie/Princess tree (she wanted all the stuff to decorate ours like it)

Dane and Michael by the Tech tree of course

Thanksgiving round 3

Thanksgiving round 3: Shallowater with Grandma, Granddad, Aunt Sharon and Uncle Joe, Aunt Jana and Uncle Kent and Taylor and Colton, and Uncle Charlie

Michael stealing bites of dessert from Granddad after he'd already been eating Uncle Charlie's

Michael playing with Lyndsey's Super Why computer with Uncle Charlie

It was good to see everyone and we had a blast! We enjoyed food, fun, and football- what more could you ask for on Thanksgiving? We are thankful for all of our loving, wonderful family.

Family Fun Day

We decided to take the kiddos bowling since we couldn't go out in the wind while in Lubbock. They LOVED it and so did we!!! I think it may become a more common activity for us. The girls love to do it on the Wii so we figured it would really be a hit. Shelby is the ultra competitive bowler- she hated not getting strikes like she does on the Wii. Lyndsey is naturally pretty good at it- she didn't need the bumpers too much by the end. Watching her bowl was hilarious though- I wish I had video of it to give the full effect. Michael cheered and clapped for everyone as they had a turn. Lyndsey patiently waiting her turn to bowl

Shelby waiting to see if she got a strike

Lyndsey bowling with her pink ball of course :)

Shelby anxiously waiting her turn- I'm not sure she sat down more than 5 minutes the whole time we were there!

Michael playing peek a boo around the stroller with me- he is such a good sport about sitting and watching.
I am truly blessed to spend time with my kiddos and my husband. *I do have a picture of Dane bowling but I was nice and didn't post it- it wasn't even a bad shot it was a good action shot*

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving round 2

Round 2: Pop's house in San Angelo...I had lots of help in the kitchen! I made a Thanksgiving meal for Pop this year so he could enjoy the holiday and I made enough so he'd have leftovers for Thanksgiving day as well. It was good to see him enjoy himself among the chaos we bring each visit :) My kitchen helpers

Where do I start???

She definitely gets this from her daddy!

So not into Thanksgiving...she threw a huge fit because she didn't want any of it!

Pop enjoying his lunch
We are thankful for our loving family!

All Aboard!

Thanks Grandma and Granddad for taking us on the Polar Express! The kids had the best time riding on the train. They haven't stopped talking about it yet :)

The kids getting ready to board the Polar Express posing with the conductor of our train car

The best seats on the train...we had great seats, plenty of room, and lots of fun!!!

The girls with Grandma and Granddad...Dane, Michael, and I sat at the table across the aisle from them

The most priceless picture from the trip...let me set the scene: We were getting ready to approach the North Pole and the conductor said Santa would only get on the train if everyone was on the nice list...Lyndsey was very worried can't you tell?! But as she told everyone, she's working on being good...bless her little heart!

Waving to the elves and Santa at the North Pole...Michael saw Santa and started pointing saying "Look! Look!"

Never fear...Santa did board the train and gave all the kids who believe in him silver bells and asked them what they wanted for Christmas. I was so proud of Michael- he wasn't afraid of Santa at all- he was actually fascinated with him! (maybe our trip to see Santa at the mall won't be as traumatic as it was for the girls)

Monday, November 8, 2010

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Soccer season has officially come to an end for Lyndsey. She had fun playing and cheering her team on each game. I'm not sure if she'll play again, only time will tell. She missed her last game because she was sick this weekend but I think she still had a blast playing the games she did. The Grasshoppers had their team party/trophy ceremony tonight at Mazzio's. Each player got a trophy and Coach Kenny and Coach Jana gave each of them a special award. Lyndsey got the "Best Team Spirit" award because she spent more time cheering than actually playing :) You just gotta love her sparkling personality! She was so excited to get her first trophy to put on the shelf. She wanted to sleep with it tonight but I didn't think that was the best idea.
One happy soccer star!
Lyndsey and Lilly (buddies from before soccer- Lilly's mommy was Lyndsey's favorite 2 yr old teacher)

This picture just sums it all up! Crazy girls!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

So far behind...

There is no possible way I could blog all the events I've missed since my last blog so I thought I'd just put in a few cute ones and add others as I have time. We have had an extremely busy schedule since school started but now it's settling down. We've had soccer and tumbling which are through for now. Dance is still going- we got to see the recital costumes they will wear the other day and they fit their personalities perfectly! I can't wait until May to see them!! Now we are coming into holiday and birthday season...I am going to try to keep up with all of it on here now that we aren't gone 4 nights a week. Hope you enjoy!! Here is Shelby and some of her friends before the football game...they performed with the Magic Belles dance team and did a fabulous job!

My beautiful Lyndsey enjoyed her first football game

My handsome boy at the NICU Reunion...it was a blast. They had games and treats like a fall festival. Lyndsey performed her recital dances from last year with Mrs. Lisa- she's such a ham! Michael looks like his daddy quite a bit but he really looks like his Papa too! I'll have to post baby pictures side by side so you can judge too.

We tried to get a group shot but they were hot and tired by this point at the reunion.

Halloween- definitely not Michael's favorite thing. Once he realized he got candy, he was all for it. He tried all evening to take off the Batman costume- it was hilarious! The girls of course loved dressing up and getting candy. The funniest part of the night was watching Shelby in the rearview mirror- sorting out her candy by type and telling me exactly how many of each she had. Silly girl!