Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let's go bowling!

Spring Break leads to great deals for family outings! We loaded up and headed to Georgetown on Thursday to celebrate Lyndsey's 5th birthday :) I'm still in awe that my blonde haired, blue eyed firework is 5...where did time go? She was so excited to bowl and had a great time doing it. We love bowling as a family and decided next time Mikey will get to bowl too (with the help of the ramp). I'm FIVE!

Action shot

Intently watching
He sat in his stroller saying "Ball. Ball. Ball. Look. Ball."

Miss Ultra Competitive mad because she didn't get a strike!
( I have NO idea where she gets that from! lol)
Lyndsey turning 5 seems so surreal. Now I'm getting ready to have 2 school age girls and a toddler boy which I won't even get into in this post...I've been emotional the last week because they are all growing up too fast for this mommy :(

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