Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lyndsey's Choice

Lyndsey loved the excitement of Pappasito's for her birthday so much last year that we loaded up and headed to Austin to celebrate there again. Nana, Papa, Aunt Heather, and Uncle Chuck joined us as well and we had a great time. The birthday girl!

Little brother excited to sit in a booster seat instead of a high chair for the first time in a restaurant

Lyndsey cracked us up though...she ate and looked around to see that everyone else was finished too. She looked back over her shoulder and then back to me. She was looking for something. The waitress came and cleared some plates and brought boxes for leftovers and Lyndsey just stared at her. She came back again and cleared the rest of the food and left. Lyndsey turned to me and said "I guess they don't celebrate birthdays here Momma!" She was very upset that she still hadn't received her dessert and was convinced that she wasn't going to be getting one here. A few minutes later the entourage came to sing to is the video of her reaction...

She was hilarious! I guess she really didn't want the attention as much as she wanted the huge dessert :)

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